Every Women should Read This… “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”

Perhaps getting older isn’t entirely mortifying, especially when I take into consideration of the experiences that I’ve learned along the way. As a woman, there comes a special set of experiences; namely all the inconveniences that come with a menstrual cycle as well as the unique nature of the ability to bear children. I must admit, when I was in high school and early 20s, this was mostly an inconvenience and most of the time a headache and/or pain (literally!).

However, over the last 4-5 years when I immersed myself into Chinese medicine and I started to realize that menstrual cycle is an important indicator of health. And of course, this becomes increasingly important as I’m inching towards the big 3-0 where having children is becoming a desired reality. This is why I re-read the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”. Notice “re-read” is the action verb; it means I actually had this book for some time. The first read through in my mid 20s was like “yeah, yeah, yeah, basal temperature, spike means ovulation has occurred, okay, we’re on the safe period” Moving on.

This year, after seeing my super cute niece, Sophie and meeting my girlfriend’s daughter, Ania; some chord was struck inside. Perhaps it’s the old “maternal instinct” or perhaps, it’s just getting older meaning to take more responsibility for myself. Who knows? Bottom line is I picked up the book and actually READ it cover-to-cover and took good notes. And then I screamed: “why DIDN’T I read this the first time!!” And more important realization was “why wasn’t this book taught to every girls at that first sex ed class?”

Yes, the book is titled “fertility” but make no mistake, it means more than just getting pregnant. And yes, it’s appropriate to teach young teenage girls because knowledge is power. With all the information in this book, I bet a good amount of girls/women would make the educated decisions best for themselves.

This book explains everything from the mechanics of menstrual cycle (not just how to use the maxi pad) to other signs of fertility (I won’t go in details to spoil it) that when observed correctly, you’ll know exactly what is going on with your body. For instance, you’ll know if ovulation is approaching. Or better yet, you will know when the period will start. And for those who want pregnancy, you will know it BEFORE you even take a pregnancy test.

It’s amazing how much information the body tells you and most importantly, it’s amazing that we weren’t taught how to interpret readily available and valuable information at an earlier age. I would even go as far as recommending this book to men because most likely every man would have that important woman in his life whether it’s his mother, wife, girlfriend, or daughter or all of the above.

Information and knowledge is power. Understanding and learning your own “body language” is crucial. We’re so used to rely on doctors and tests to tell us what is going that we forget to just listen and understand the basics. I especially like the title “taking charge” and that is exactly the message: to take responsibility and be in control of your own health.

I recommend getting a hard copy because of the color inserts that will help to understand as well as the ability to see the charts well.


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