First Rock Concert (One Republic and More!)

Thanks to my dear friend, Jenn Schumann, who came to visit from Boston, I went to my first-ever Rock concert in San Francisco. It was an interesting experience completed with an unusually warm, sunny September SF weather! The line up was very good: One Republic, Goo Goo Dolls, Plain White T’s, Walk Off the Earth, and Larkin Poe.

First challenge was getting into Golden Gate Park, with lines closed to one-mile long. After waiting for close to 2-hours, we made it inside. Thanks to Jenn’s persistence, we secured a small pricy green real estate about 75 yards from the stage.


I learned few things: to start, I realized that the music that I identified with clearly showed my age! When Plain White T’s came on the stage, we were surrounded by a group of high school girls who proved that they could scream! I’d listen to Plain White T’s if it came on the radio. But I just could not feel “it”. They sang the Delilah and “1,2,3” songs to which I was familiar with. However, I was more “impressed” with the teenage girls’ groupie behavior.

Goo Goo Dolls brought all the good memory from the 90s! “Iris” was reminiscent of “City of Angels” Hello 90s! I listened to this when I was in high school! Yes, I screamed when this song came on. Again, the type of music a person likes totally shows one’s age! (Note the huge crowd from the picture below)


Finally, the headliner of the show was One Republic. I didn’t realize how many of One Repulic’s songs I knew (“Stop and Stare” “Apologize” “Good Life” “Feel Good” To start, Ryan Tedder, the lead singer, was very humorous. Second, I didn’t realize the cello from “Secrets” was actually played by the guitarist, Brent Kutzle. It sounded amazing live! Finally, of all the groups there that afternoon, I felt One Republic was the most skilled at interacting and managing audience’ energy level with the choice of songs, the remix of songs, and the energy on stage. Yes, I know, I am definitely biased since I’m a fan!



All in all, what a great afternoon spent with an old friend. The weather was perfect, not the typical windy/foggy San Fransisco mix. In fact, I came home with a sunburn! The crowd energy of 15,000 people was mesmerizing. Finally, as a side note, there was definitely weed few rows in front of us. That just completed my experience of a live, outdoor, San Francisco rock concert!


Video compilation of highlights:


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