Just Feel the Beat

Inspired by my “running for fun” experience on Tuesday, I decided my work out yesterday would be “just feel the beat”. No training goal, no expectation, just me and my music and dancing to the beat.

My easy run really taught me something: I loved moving around, whether just 5 minutes or 50 minutes. It didn’t matter. I could not just take a winter break and did nothing. I stopped my gym membership in anticipation of the planned break. There was no sense of a donation. It was the right decision. Turning on the music to whichever song that came on from Pandora and improvised was so much more fun than going to a group, structured Zumba class anyway!

I started with One Repulic’s “Losing Myself” (it was like Pandora knew my mood!) I just moved, hopped, and jumped around to the beat. There was no cohesive choreography and it didn’t matter! Then, I decided I should probably work my arm, so I switched to Usher’s “Scream” and did some kickboxing moves on the arms. Then, I could not ignore the “ab” area, so I turned on belly dancing drum music and just grooved. Next “logical” choice was the legs, which was easy to exercise: let’s do some squats! I switched to “work out” station, and the music was “Let’s Go” (I swear, Pandora had a spy living in my heart!) I did three iterations of different pace of squats. I ended with some push ups and sit ups. The cool down was yoga stretching to the flowing sound of water and ocean.


That was a pretty ADHD mix of exercising and it was FUN! The whole thing was about 45 minutes, perfect length of time and intensity. I didn’t follow anyone else’s class, pace, or music. Just whatever that came to my mind at that moment!


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