My favorite Running Places: Los Gatos Creek Trail

Los Gatos Creek Trail (LGCT) is one of my favorite running/walking trail nearby. I’m reminded today how blessed I am to live in San Jose, where the weather is perfect all year round to enjoy the outdoors. Since I made the decision to take a winter break from running training, I walked my favorite part of the LGCT, though I definitely felt the “urge” to jog as bikers, joggers, runners breezed me by! I stuck to the plan however as I wanted to take some pictures and shared LGCT.


LGCT actually spanned from Lexington Reservoir in Los Gatos through Campell to Meridian Ave in San Jose, total of 9.7 miles, which I planned to conquer in anticipation of my first half-marathon in Spring 2014. For now, I usually go to my favorite portion of the trail, from Lark Ave/Golden HIll Ave entrance through Vasona Park in Los Gatos. I do a loop that is about 2 miles, which is a fun distance for walking and definitely an enjoyable jog.

Pictures are worth a thousand words:


ImageImageImageI actually accidentally discovered this portion of the trail. I was training for the Rock and Roll Mini Marathon back in October. The mini marathon was 5 miles, which seemed like climbing Himalaya at the time. To keep my motivation, one day, I decided to run a “portion” of the entire LGCT each time and ventured to other unfamiliar parts of the trail. Before that day, I’d usually run the same distance of the same trail, and it was getting boring. I was doing 3-5 miles iteration back then and I would run 2-3 miles each way (since I still had to return where I parked) and eventually, I came to this amazing part of LGCT.

I still remembered the day I run up a hill to get to the Vasona Lake. It was past half way of my distance, up against a hill, and I was thinking “why am I doing this” (this thought came to me quite often on a typical training day). Then, BAM, I saw the Lake with the sun shinning across. I forgot the pain, I forgot the time, and I forgot the distance. I was in awe.


The amazement did not end there. I continued the trail and then it got even more beautiful with an open patch of green on one side and the lake on the other side. I kept running and eventually I reached Vasona Lake, which I knew and visited. I just did not know LGCT ran through the park. It was a beautiful run where I easily finished the 5-miles that day.

Today, as I walked, I thought “mother nature is the best artist of all with all kinds of harmonic colors and light” It was super inspiring to walk at this portion of LGCT! If you’re a local and have not been here, it’s a must-visit!



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