Birthday and New “Month” Resolution

Birthdays are tricky. When I was little, birthdays were exciting, it was all about cakes! That was the only time when “censorship on sugar” was off.  Then, it got a little complicated during teenager’s years. The whole “trying-to-be-cool-but-hope-someone-other-than-parents-remember-my-birthday” hormonal thing kicked in. Then, it got fun in college, because I got to decide whatever I wanted to do. Yipee!

Then, all the birthdays felt “fuzzy” in the 20s. Before I knew it, I was in the “3s”, BAM! No warning, whatsoever! A good friend of mind told me the first number of your age kind of represented of how fast you felt life flashing before your eyes. For instance, in our younger teenager years, didn’t it feel like things were going like 16 miles per hour? (“When could I get the heck out of high school?” Then, things got faster, between 25-30, it certainly felt the speed picked up close to 30mph! (“Didn’t I JUST celebrate my birthday?”)

This weekend, I celebrated my first birthday in my 30s. I cannot remember much of what happened this past year, except, it FLEW BY! I made some important lifestyle change, namely healthy eating habit (turning vegetarian!) and getting into running. I lost few clothes sizes and made new friends. It was a fun year – one that went really quickly!

It’s a good thing that I don’t remember much – that is a sign that life is going well. (Or a sign that I need to start taking ginko biloba vitamin!)  I’m truly grateful for having a supportive husband who always gives me the love and care at the right moment. I’m grateful for my family, especially, to my parents. They are not close by, but they show their support from afar. I’m grateful that everyone I love and care is well and healthy. That is the most important of all.

For the upcoming year, I’m inspired by another friend’s idea from my Toastmaster’s club. She said, “to heck with New Year’s resolution”! Do a monthly resolution – I thought that was brilliant! That would be so much more practical and productive! I think that was an important message in that – since I’m already feeling the “31mph” effect, I love the idea of slowing it down to taking it at 12 intervals at a time. For January, I’d like to get started on my half-marathon training by taking a Chi Running class and apply the learned techniques to better my half-marathon results (under 3hrs for my very first half marathon!)



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