Will I run 10 marathons in 2014?

Will I run 10 marathons in 2014?

The answer is “yes” and the key is I do not mean in 10 selected dates in 2014. Gotcha! 🙂

Last year in March, I was inspired by a friend when he shared that his goal was to ride 10K miles in 2013. I thought to myself, okay, setting a mileage goal made sense. It would keep me moving (and sure enough, it did!). I thought 100 miles was a nice round number and averaged to about 2-3 miles a week. I could walk that if all else failed.

I finished 2013 logging 156.6 miles & completed two 5K races and a Rock and Roll mini marathon at 5 miles. Not bad going from being a couch potato to participating and finishing races! My last run in 2013 was two days before New Year’s and I easily cruised through 5K.

When I find what works, I continue. Setting mileage goal worked out pretty well. For 2014, to keep moving, my mileage goal will be 262 miles, 10 marathon’s distance. It is not a super ambitious goal, however, secretly, I want to see how FAST I can reach this. Additionally, I will run my first ever half-marathon in April. There will be another check-point by fall. I don’t know what yet. I’d like to focus on 262 and 13.1 for my numbers for now. Take it one step/one run at a time, soon enough, the finish line will be in sight! 🙂



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