Safety first: Lessons from a tragedy

Better be Safe than Sorry – How to Run Safely and Protect Yourself

My Journey: 1,000 Miles in 2014

I mentioned earlier about a homicide that took place in the park where I run, train and take my son to play. It was a very scary and eye opening experience.

I know that I can’t let this unfortunate incident jade me or make me cynical about using the great park and trail system we have here in San Antonio. I am too optimistic for that. However, this is a great opportunity for all of us to take a step back and evaluate our safety and routines. If we learn something from this, the death of a beautiful young runner will not be for nothing.

I reached out to the readers of this blog and other runners around me to find out what their running safety tips were. There are a bunch of lists online about running safety, however I wanted to hear from you guys. I wanted to hear…

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