Will Run for… Beer…

Now, everyone has a different motivation for running. My particular reason turned out to be… (wait for it) … beer… today! San Jose and the general bay area has been experiencing an unseasonably warm winter weather, sunny and hovering around 70s. This was the perfect weather to do my long run today. First long run of the year was four miles.

On the long run, the idea is to build endurance. I did not push hard, trying to stay within the aerobic threshold. The only variation from that was on the third mile, where I increased my cadence to 174, just to see how I felt. It definitely felt faster than what I was used to at 170. At the end, I ran the third mile at 13’34” pace which was my goal for the half marathon. The entire run averaged to be about 14’40” pace, which was fine.

It was an interesting long run. As I cooled down and thought about the race. I decided that I would modify my goal to finish the half marathon without pain and to drop my goal of finishing at three hours. At today’s run, I realized that I still had to practice the new Chi Running technique and to add the “time goal” was going to distract the big picture and the joy of finishing my first ever half marathon. So, I would focus on the new chi running technique and enjoy the training all the way through and to the finish line on the race day.

The warmer than usual weather really made the case for beer! I normally do not any alcoholic drinks post run. But, today beer just had my name on it! So refreshing, so rewarding, and so good!



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