Adding variety to the running training

My week 3 training started with longer interval runs, practicing the “lean” of Chi Running. I did 5 minutes interval with 30 seconds of reset and refocus of the lean. It worked well. I no longer had to think hard on the reset. I could probably drop the reset time to 15 seconds on my second run this week. However, I discovered that I had hard time to keeping the heart rate under 145, which was my target HR for zone 2. I averaged about 154 last night. This might be because I increased my cadence to 172. It’s all a balancing act to find that magic combination of form, HR, and speed.

I had to remind myself the important thing was that I got out and ran. By the time I arrived to the track last night, it was past 6pm and dark. I had thought about cutting the run (for a second) and opted for yoga. But I quickly scratched that plan and put on my shoes. I had that visual imagine of just “keep swimming, keep swimming” from Finding Nemo. Just keep moving.

I’m contemplating to add cross training to the weekly schedule now. One, adding yoga would be a fantastic idea to increase flexibility. Thankfully, with Chi Running, I skipped the dreadful muscle soreness of coming back to running from my 2-months hiatus. However, I’m still stiff the morning after my runs. Some serious yoga stretching would be beneficial.

I’m also contemplating returning to doing Body Pump (strength training) at the YMCA gym, once a week. This is under consideration, but I’m not entirely sure if I want to focus on that. There is only so much time in a week and honestly if I understand the Chi Running correctly, running isn’t about “pushing” with muscle but more about learning the forms so that the bio-mechanics allows for ease in running.

What do you runners add as training, in addition to running itself?


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