Derailed – Does occsasional sickness frustrate the runner in you?

This week, I’m recovering from stomach inflammation, therefore I haven’t ran.

BR (before running), any illness upsets me (like any normal person). AR (after running), my first thoughts were: “shoot, I can’t run, WAIT, would the run make I feel better?” Ha, I did not see that one coming. A friend said: “you should check into a runner’s rehab” My follow up e-mail to my doctor consisted of “so I felt this and that today, you think I can resume training?” Before, it’d be more whiny and less productive.

I like this new change. It’s like running has trained me to be mentally (and emotionally) more tough. I’m feeling pretty good today and am really considering an express run. Just to scratch an itch, an itch to run!

I’m totally seeing this by the end of my half marathon training in April: “I’m Chia and I’m a runner-holic”

Cheers to the runner in all of us.


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