When rain and cold happens… it’s time to cross train!

Forecast today: rain and in the mid 50s

That was the same forecast for the last few days as well as days ahead. Make no mistake, I’m not complaining. In Northern California, we’re in a drought. Rain is good and more of it is preferred.

This means it’s time to get creative to train. I re-activated my gym membership yesterday and did vinyasa yoga. I was able to get away with no gym with the warmer and dryer than normal winter weather. However, running in the rain will not be my preferred choice. And the half marathon is  2 months away.

I felt little panicked knowing that I would not get any mileage this week. Runner’s OCD, anyone? I know, there is this fantastic machine called “treadmill” Well, it’s a tossed up between running in the cold rain and running on a treadmill. Something about the treadmill feels so … mechanic and BORING! Instead, I’m looking to classes that will keep my attention while satisfying the training goals.

Today, I plan to join the cycling class for the first time in a very long time. I’ve heard good things about cycling as a cross train to running. It’s time to test this in person. Hooray to rain and time to get creative!




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