2-weeks break from running felt like 2 heavy legs!

My stomach inflammation took me out for good for one week when I did not do anything physical. Second week, I started light cross training (cycling, yoga, and strength training). Yesterday, after two-weeks hiatus from running, I finally laced up and went for a 5K slow run. Wow, legs felt heavy on second and third mile… I had to push through.

It didn’t help that I went to gym and worked on my core the day before. With Chi Running, engaging the core was essential to keep the form. As a result, around mile two, I started to cramp on my left lower ab. I had to stop and just took deep breaths.

As much as it was an effort to finish the 5K, it felt so good to be back! The mental freedom that came from putting one foot in front of another was exhilarating. Nothing else mattered in that moment. I loved that simplicity about running!

I anticipated the “effort” therefore I planned a heavy session of stretching. To my satisfaction, I woke up to stiffness, not soreness. Time to get back on track to add more mileage to my 1/2 marathon training!


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