A Mile is A Mile – My One Year Anniversary of Getting into Running

“1.71 miles to go” – my Nike+ “coach” informed me as I looked around in the dark, being the only jogger on the trail.

“0.71 miles to go” – I thought to myself “okay, just one more step”

“0.25 miles to go” – I could see the gate leading to my car.

“Congratulations, you’ve reached your goal of 6.3 miles” – oh, where were my toes? I could not feel them…

6.3 miles or 10K was the longest run yet. Coincidentally, yesterday marked my one-year anniversary of setting out for my virgin run. That very first run was 1.1 mile of wogging (walking+jogging) at a local track. I was definitely huffing and puffing when I was jogging some parts of the 1.1 mile.

I was still huffing and puffing last night, especially on that last mile. The only difference was I felt the resolve to finish that 10K. The other difference was I was the sole person on the trail as the sun disappeared into the horizon. Running could be a lonely endeavor – only my breathe and stride accompanying me as I finished the last mile.

On that last mile, I kept thinking “it does not matter if it’s a 15-minute mile or a 5-minute mile, it is still a mile” I knew I was a faster runner compared to a year ago (yeah!) but still a “jogger” in terms of the overall pace. I averaged 13’29” a mile last night. It was not fast by any means. With that, my projection for my 1/2 marathon in two weeks will be around 3 hours.

That brought me to another thought – I’m nowhere near fully trained for my 1/2 marathon. The stomach-inflammation in February put me out for almost 3 weeks. That derailed the plan. However, from last night, I was beginning to see how some people could participate a half marathon with very little (or no) training. The amazing concept of “WILL POWER”!

I had to play catch up on my training. I drastically increased my “base run mileage” to five miles earlier this week. And then two days later, I went for 6.3 miles “long run”. Initially, I had doubts. Then, will power kicked in. It was almost like my ego would not let me do a DNF (did not finish).

At this point, I plan to participate and finish my half marathon. Honestly, the thought of not running did cross my mind last week especially looking at the San Francisco course of hills and climb. But, I think I will be okay. If I run half of it and wogg the other half, it will still be 13.1 miles. A mile is a mile no matter what the pace is.




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