Checklist (or really a self rant of my nerosies) for My 1/2 Marathon (T-2 days!)

What do I really need for my 1/2 marathon that is coming up in TWO days?

“Have fun” attitude!


Really, that’s what I told myself last night as I logged a quick 4 mile run to make sure my legs (and mostly my mind) still are familiar with the motion and emotion of running.

I’m not really sure how it will all turn out. This week, as I think about the upcoming race, the thoughts go from “really? 13.1 miles” to “yessss, Golden Gate Bridge!” to “maybe this is a bad idea, I’m only half way trained!”.

I swear, running has made me a bit schizo where I have internal dialogues with myself.

In all honesty, I’m nervous and most of it just because of the unknown factor, especially, after miles 7 where I have not ran beyond that distance. It’s interesting how these internal self talk end up. As I circled the last lap last night, I decided “heck, either way, I’m not prepared. It’s not like it CAN get any worst. I might as well just enjoy it!”

It reminded me of the college drinking partying days. After certain number of drinks, you would be drunk anyway. (Not the perfect analogy, but you get the idea)

So, the first item on my checklist: “HAVE FUN!”

Then the actual checklist goes like:

* Digital Camera (yeah, before my run tracker/timer) – Running across Golden Gate is a photo moment! If nothing else, I will have that crossed off my bucket list!
* iPhone that is loaded with all my tracking meters – the most important one being my iTunes library. I just downloaded a running meditation mp3 that has guided imagery. This is my emergency plan for “pep” talk or for that first hour of run. Gosh, one of the biggest surprise was the early race start time at 6.30am (and the various imposed time limitation to get on to GGB). I have never ran that early – so I may need something to get me going!
*My belt – I got few GU gels and a power bar.
I’m sure I have other small miscellaneous things. I will get to those later. Mental attitude is the most one not to forget!

I’m going on a leap of faith that Sunday will be perfect in every way!




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