A week post half marathon race

What do runners do to recover?

Sign up a 6-months training program & another race.

Two days post race, while in between of ice and cold packs nursing the sore muscle, I signed up for San Jose Fit, the local branch of USA Fit. It’s a 6-months running training program with local runners. With the completion of the first half marathon, I finally feel confident enough to join a group training. It looks like an exciting program with structure and is divided into pace groups. It will start end of the month!

I also plan to sign up for a 10K race in June. This will be a trail race with elevation (and view!) It will be a new challenge but another exciting one! Note to self: time to shop for a trail shoes!

Now I know why runners/athletes keep talking about “personal records” – it’s the high from the chase for the “next” limit. The limit that seems possible and achievable with more training and pushing that limit. The limit that is no longer a limit!




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