“Thousand lunges” trail

Today I woke up & felt this urge of taking on a challenging trail called the Mission Peak, where it was 6.6 miles round trip with elevation gain over 2000ft. It was one way up (and up, and up, and up) and then down (and down and down)

The hills were deliciously green (hello spring!) and the sky was cloudlessly blue. What a perfect day! The ascend was challenging: my husband and I dubbed this trail the “thousand lunges” trail! We were however impressed with the view. No wonder the trail was popular!


We were short about mile from the peak because we had a lunch meeting with a friend. We definitely miscalculated how much time it took for the “thousand lunges”. We turned around & quickly descended.


The descend was more difficult for me as my right big toe has been recovering from the half marathon race a week ago. In fact, it has turned a little “blue-ish black” and is sore. I had to take it easy on the descend. Luckily, the view was enough to distract me!


All in all, it was a good workout. We ended up with about 4.5 miles with 1725ft of elevation. For sure, we will return to conquer it to the peak soon!



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