Remembering Boston

Boston holds a dear place in my heart as it is where my Alma Mater, Boston University is. It is with a heavy heart that I especially remember about Boston today and more specifically of the Marathon.

A year ago, we all knew what happened during the Boston Marathon, two bombings that killed and injured innocent spectators and runners and scarred one of my favorite cities. Last year, my cousin and her finance, a Marathon runner, were among those participated in the race. Thankfully, they were alright.

The coverage of the tradegy hit hard. All the familiar landmarks, roads, and restaurants were places that I once walked and visited. Every year when I studied at BU, I always watched the race. It was a big celebration on Marathon Monday. The infamous turn on Hereford and then towards the finish line on Bolyston street was very familiar to me. I visited and walked along Boylston street many many times over. I cheered for the runners on Boylston, too.

This year, as the Boston Marathon anniversary and race date approached, Runner’s World did a special coverage of those who were affected. It was very somber yet uplifting of some of the stories I read. I admitted: there were few teary moments. I could empathisize even more this year as I just finished my half marathon race two weeks ago. For every race, runners trained hard and for every finish, there was a moment of victory. To have that moment taken away and replaced with feelings other than accomplishment was despicable.

Resiliently, as I read magazine stories and the Boston Globe’s coverage today, Boston will have the Marathon in six days. I love this strong city. Having lived in the city for four years, I know Bostonians will carry on with a even bigger event and with higher spirit on Marathon Monday. Salute to all the runners, supporters, organizers, volunteers, and especially those who are healing and on the road of recovery.



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