Importance of Rest

The plan was to take a week off following my half-marathon race. I did not follow it. I felt good by day 3, post race. On day 5, I decided to go for my quick recovery run. Nothing serious. Just TWO miles.

I felt a weird tinkling on my knee during that “just-two-miles” run. I brushed it aside since it actually felt great everywhere else.

Then I felt this strange need to go hiking up Mission Peak few days later. It was a challenging uphill hike the entire 3.4 miles up with over 2200 ft of elevation and then the straight decent coming down the same hill. It was the descend that I finally started to pay attention. That “wonky” knee!

Okay, the point being? I got sick the following week (this week). All winter when I was getting ready and training for the race, whilst everyone I met was battling some kind of flu/cold, I was invincible! Then, when it hit me right in between the eyes.

On Tuesday, I woke up super dizzy (that was a first) as if I was carsick. I barely made it to the bathroom. I literally sat on the floor right outside the bathroom door. I thought “what was happening?” Then I felt nauseous. My husband, being the sweetheart that he always was, decided to stay home. He called our doctor and took me to see him. Making it to the car literally felt like that last mile of the race “will I ever get there?”


It turned out I had a cold. The culprit seemed to be over exertion and the straw that killed the camel was the Mission Peak hike (windy near the peak). (I finally felt tired and exhausted the day after the hike!) Luckily I have an amazing Chinese acupuncturist doctor. Within hours of acupuncture, my dizziness started to subside. By Tuesday night, I felt more like a person (as opposed to a floating object on an open sea).


As a result, I took the week off from all physical activity. It turned out I still had to follow my original plan, albeit a week late. It took a dizzying cold to snap some sense into my stubborn head. I really thought I was invincible. Ha, just kidding, as my body gave me a dosage of reality.

Lesson learned: rest is important. Rest is essential. Rest is part of the plan. As a novice runner, I always thought training was the key to get to my goal. Well, it turns out, rest is just as important, especially if I want to train for another fall half marathon! That wonky knee deserves some good rest before hitting the trails again.




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