T-10 days to my Half Marathon: Freak Out Much?

It’s hard not to freak out about my first-ever half marathon, especially, I’m just about half way trained. I gave myself about 3 months to train for the half marathon and did not “add” much buffer to something called “life” and the fact that it simply takes TIME to build endurance. It’s okay, I’m not beating myself up for anything. It’s the process of going through the training that really matters. I enjoyed most of it (even on those crazy hilly runs!) More importantly, I learned quite a bit about myself in this process.

That said, I let go of all expectations of the half marathon. The only goal I have is to FINISH! Last week, I ran through few scenarios while looking at the course videos and pictures of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. At the end, I just decided to have fun, run the best I can that day, and cross that finish line!

It’s amazingly refreshing when I let go of all the expectations/plans. I now feel more ready for it knowing that I will rely on will (read: ego), crowd energy, and mind (read: determination) to finish the remaining 6 miles I did not train for. I saw this video last night and it totally gave me a new perspective on my half marathon. This inspiring runner, Ben, who has to overcome cereal palsy falls multiple times and gets up and runs – wow – talking about WILL POWER and PASSION!


Seriously, it’s a blessing to be able to run. Period. If it takes a bit of “work” to slate across the hill to get to GG Bridge, I can run with that. If it takes some will power in that 3+ hours to cross the finish line, I can run it. If Ben can run despite his physical challenges, I can run a half marathon in the beautiful city of San Francisco!


2 thoughts on “T-10 days to my Half Marathon: Freak Out Much?

    • opps, i reposted a draft! i was re-categorizing all my posts. i was going to delete this post, but now you left a comment. I would keep it 🙂 this was posted BEFORE my RnR Half… so I already run this one. I guess I could recycle this to “T-10 to my NEXT half marathon”

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