Off the Beaten Path

It’s a home alone weekend for me as my better half is away with his buddy on track day in SoCal. In attempt to enjoy my mini break from running, I took myself on a spontaneous trip to find enlightenment aka feeding spiritual mind.

I started with meditation yesterday morning. I’ve meditated here and there, but never consistent. With running, meditation pretty much got squeezed out. Ah, I forgot how beneficial meditation was! The deliciousness of being still and the challenges that came with it. There were moments when I finally felt the full effect of the vigorous training. There was this deep tiredness at moments during meditation. I simply became aware of it & acknowledged it.
An hour later, I felt more refreshed all week!

Feeling inspired, I packed lunch and drive an hour to a Buddhist temple in Santa Cruz, called Land of Medicine Buddha. It truly was off the beaten path. It was nestled among Redwoods with birds singing high above. Immediately, I felt serene & calm.


I took the “Eight Verses” trail into the quiet woods. It was a minor climb to the trail but well worth it. There were eight verses or Buddhist wisdom along the trail.


The entire time I was on the trail, I saw less than ten people. It was very peaceful & nurturing. I also walked around the main compound decorated with flowers, trees, bamboos, birds chirping. The Buddhist prayer wheel added more to the cultural aspect. I had Buddhist influence growing up but was never a practicing one. However, it was comfortably familiar to be in this setting.

I picked two books at the gift shop & headed to the beach. At that moment, I really wanted to see sunset. I found my way to a local coffee shop as sunset was more than an hour away. I ordered a bagel with humus enjoyed it while reading.

I went to Sea Cliff beach. It was a gorgeous day, few clouds with a light breeze. There was a pier – which always made me happy. Pictures are worth a thousand words:




All in all, it was a very peaceful day where I went moment by moment living in the now. Once in a while, it was good to be spontaneous!



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