Adjusting to Four Runs a Week

I signed up for San Jose Fit (SJF) to train for the next 28 weeks for my next half marathon in the fall.

Last Saturday was the orientation and placement run. Not surprisingly, I was placed into 12’30” pace group, the last “run” group before placing into “walking” group. I was totally okay with this as the 12’30” would give me my targeted goal of sub-3 hours on the race. That’d be my PR.

The training seemed to be well structured with coaches for each pace groups. I’m really looking forward to the track work out and the hill runs in a month. I have read about track work out. But, motivating myself to do it was a different story. This time, I’m relying on coach’s expertise and peer pressure to get me to do it! With the track work out, I’m hoping to build strength as well some speed. With the hill runs,  I want to develop different sets of muscle.

That being said, I’m finding it challenging to switch from 3 runs a week to SJF’s schedule of 4 runs a week. The Saturday’s group long run counts as one run and I will run 3 more times during the weekdays. Well, even though first week’s schedule looks “accomplish-able” with 3 runs at 20 minutes, I could not get that extra run in there. Work got in the way! And I think I need some adjustment to get into a new rhythm!

The whole point of signing up with a group training is to do something different and going for my PR in the fall. I will just quit whining and giving excuses. JUST DO IT. At least, at the end of the 28 weeks, I can say I have done everything I can.



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