Keep Calm & Run a Half Marathon

It’s official. I registered for my second half marathon!


As aforementioned, I’m now training with San Jose Fit. End of the training season is running few local races together. One is the San Jose Rock and Roll half marathon; the other is Morgan Hill half marathon. I registered for the latter.

Having done rock and roll race, I knew the SF RnR race was my last. I had a good experience, however, the RnR races were getting too popular (read: crowded & expensive) Because of the crowd, the organization needed to be perfect & accommodating to all major cities’ traffic rules. SF race started way early (at 6am!) because of the need to open the Golden Gate Bridge. That was way too early! Additionally with that much crowd, parking/transportation needed extra planning.

Instead, I’m more in the mood for smaller race that is local & involves some hills/trails. Morgan Hill half marathon is perfect! Having registered for the second half marathon will definitely keep me on my toes with training. My goal is to run a sub-3hours time, which will be a PR!

Hooray, here I come! I mean, I run!!


3 thoughts on “Keep Calm & Run a Half Marathon

    • THANK YOU! I chose RnR for a good first-time experience πŸ™‚ It was definitely a fun race! As I evolve, I find out more of my preferred setting for running. I really like “low-key, low-planning, and max-run” type of race now.

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