Power of Peer Pressure

What is the key to set a PR? POWER OF PEER PRESSURE!

With SJFIt, we meet and do the long run on Saturday mornings. I officially switched my pace group from 12’30”-13′ to 12′-12’30”. The slower pace group is training with the 4 minute run/1 minute walk regimen and it feels comfortable. But I disliked the 4/1 plan as I never fell into a nice rhythm. It felt like stop and go.

I tried the 12′-12’30” pace last week. The group is training on the 8 minute run/1minute walk regimen and I like the rhythm much more. I figured that with the faster group, I would be pushed to train harder. And indeed, it was! Last Saturday’s run was 5K and I started in the last of the pack since I was also working on negative splits. I tended to start off too fast on my races (adrenaline played a big part!) As we moved into the second mile, I settled into the rhythm and fell into the middle of the pack. On the last mile, I felt a strange sensation on my right knee (the wonky knee!), but decided to continue running. There was no pain so I kept going.

As soon as I crossed the finish line, I felt a big relief as I felt the pace was faster than my normal pace. I supposed that was the definition of training – finding new challenge and push for the limit!

I checked Strava and was pleasantly surprised to see that I set a PR for 5K – 38’14”! I usually hovered around 40 minutes on 5Ks. I especially enjoying seeing “negative splits” The discipline to go at my own pace and get into the habit of “stead and slow wins the race”. Cheers to peer pressure 🙂



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