Importance of Consistency

My brother came to visit from Taiwan the last two weeks. First week, I was pretty diligent in getting all my weekly runs. Second week, I only got one run in. It wasn’t so much of his visit that disrupted the training. Most of it has to do with work and the weather. (Yes, let’s blame everything else, but myself, right?)


In all seriousness, I was suffering from the lack of training during my long run yesterday. I missed SJFit’s Saturday long run because I just had too few hours of sleep the night before (three to be exact) I dropped off my brother at the airport for his 1.40am departure flight. Man, lack of sleep really did me in! I decided against running for the fear of injury. Instead, I made up for the long run yesterday on my own. Well, let’s just say, doing one run/a week did NOT work at all.

The almost 90F sunny weather did not help. The entire time, I struggled to get my breathing to a rhythm. It was the same story with my stride and everything else. There was no rhythm to anything! It was one of those runs where nothing felt right (hello side stitch!)

My goal was to complete the 4-mi run. Well, I barely made it to 3-mi. I learned my lesson – DO the weekly short runs!! Yikes – I haven’t had such a choppy run for a while. The other lesson was to ease into summer running. Woah, the 87F weather totally roasted me! I thought I could “tough it out” Maybe I would have if it was a race or a group run (again, power of peer pressure) But on my own, the will power evaporated as quickly as the sweat. Ha!

I plan to run today. I haven’t decided to do 4-mi repeat or just the regular short run. I will take it on the fly. As I learned yesterday, proper and consistent training would dictate how a run turned out. Will power only got you so far.


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