I miss running

I signed up for a 10K race for last Saturday (Brazen Racing’s Trail Quake) It was supposed to be one of my first trail races and it was supposed to challenging. And then … I had to take a DNS (do not start) Sigh… whenever I read other more elite runners’ blog and see DNS’s or DNF’s (do not finish), I thought that it sounded so “professional” Wow, these guys take it so serious, using fancy acronyms! Of course, there were always laments, disappointments that go along with either situation.

Well, my tonsillitis last week took me out most of the week. To make it worst, it evolved into a bronchitis by mid week. Some part of me felt like MAYBE walking Saturday’s race was still a possibility. By day two of a nasty bronchitis, I knew I had to forego the race. It would be unwise and foolish thinking I could fake my way through.

The disappointment was there but more than anything, I just miss running. Actually, scratch that, I just miss doing something physical. I’d even take walking on a trail at this point. Being confined to the bed and not having much energy for anything else (thanks to the incessant coughing), I felt trapped. The bronchitis really put running in perspective for me, as I secretly thought “okay, next time when I am complaining about not being able to breathe during training, think about the bronchitis-moments, those are really “hard to breathe!”!

It looks like I will be taking time off for rest of the week. I will have to start building my base, again. But I know I will be a little happy runner once I’m back on the trail. I’ll be grateful JUST RUNNING, any time, any distance, and any where. Meanwhile, I’m grateful that the World Cup is on. It provides certain amount of distraction to sail through this illness.


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