Grateful to Run, Finally! (First Track Workout Ever)

This week, my impatience grew relentlessly as I read fellow blogger’s training plans and races recaps. I was envy even of those supposedly “woeful” miles. (“At least, they got to run!” I thought)

I knew I had to “ease” my way back into training as my bout of tonsillitis/bronchitis took me out for half a month. Starting last Sunday, I was like a puppy that waited by the door to see if my owner (my lungs) would allow me to go out (for a run!) My husband, as caring as ever, would “nudge” this look of disapproval when I tried to put my running shoes on. Instead, I opened my yoga mat and did a simple vinyasa routine, just enough to get warm and broke a slight sweat. Ahhhh, it felt good to MOVE.

Monday came around and the windy weather prompted me to stay indoor yet again. Better not take my chances, the bronchitis was really painful. Yoga mat to rescue, yet again! This time, I added planks, push ups, and squats. That was when I knew I really needed to take my time to get back. I was exhausted with the added strength work out. But, it felt awesome to appreciate the soreness. Just a bit. Secretly, I believed runners/althetes might be slightly masochistic – pain welcomed!

Finally, my restlessness could not be contained on Tuesday. I went out for a run. I was pretty disciplined to stick with my recovery plan: run 90 seconds and walk 60 seconds for 30 minutes. It felt G-R-E-A-T to hit the pavement and at times felt breathless (both from the sheer joy of being outdoors & recovering lungs) I ended up with two miles, not bad. I had thought breaking one mile would be an accomplishment. Honestly, I had no idea how my lungs would do. Two miles on Tuesday felt just as triumphant as finishing a 5-miles-long-run.


The run on Tuesday left me feeling confident. This promptly lead to my decision to join SJFit’s track workout that started yesterday. Another thing about runners/athletes: we generally think positively. Joining the track workout was a case of over enthusiasm, but not an abuse of the power, thankfully.

I have never done any track workout where the focus is on increasing performance with internal training. I read about it but without any coaching, I lack the discipline to do this myself. I told myself to show up (that’s winning half of the battle) and just took it easy. And I did. Even so, the workout introduced new set of training (tabata squats, 10 minutes distance assessment, group warm up/cool down) which meant new adjustment. The windy and cooler weather really did more “damage” than the workout. For some reason, it felt like a cool autumn last night than a summer night. That was classic NorCal weather though… I should have been more prepared.

All in all, I believed it was the right decision to show up and learned something new. Today, I woke up sore, tired, and a bit winded. I definitely plan to take today off. Maybe some recovery walk and stretching. Running has taught me the important lesson: listen to my body and learn when to back off. Knowing when to push (track workout) and when to back off is always a delicate balance. As much as I’d like to put the “back-to-training” in full throttle, it’s important to respect the physical limit post illness.

I’m grateful to be back and running, finally!




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