You Know You’re a Runner When…

Anyone else out there have weird and random thoughts during running?

(me, me, me!)

You know you’re a running when…

1) You make it a priority to join the track workout. It hurt but you come back for more.

I started the track work out on Wednesday nights with San Jose Fit three weeks ago. The first session was an introduction and a fitness test. No big deal … until the Tabata squats! I knew of Tabata but never implemented in my training. The coach introduced the idea and we did a session of squats. No bad, except, I started to have a mild cramp while stretching. That was when I knew I would be in a world of pain the next day. Yup. Stairs were my enemy the next few days…

Next session, the real interval work out started! I was pretty excited thinking finally I would train to increase performance! Then I saw the handout. I wanted to run (not literally, but figuratively)



That was an intense chart to see, but the coach was very kind to help me understand it. Away we ran and boy it was challenging! The whole interval work out was new to me. I could not even “jog” during recovery. I walked. Then, we ended with more Tabata work out. The coach added one more Tabata, HINGES. It worked out the hamstrings and again the next day, stairs were not my friend. I could not walk properly! 

All this, I still very much look forward to the track work out. Some of it is the newness of it – it’s fun and challenging to do something different. Some it is the benefit of it – I can tell, I’m not struggling as much during my regular run. And most of it, it’s a runner’s thing, I guess. The track is to a runner is like the light to the moss! 

You know you’re a runner when… 

2) Your July 4th holiday weekend revolved around running, hiking schedules instead of strings of BBQ parties.

‘Nuff said. Granted we still went to one BBQ party but I did a trail run (finally!!) and a 5-mile hike with a friend. That was like the most active July 4 weekend I’ve had! It was well worth it!!


Look at the view~ So pretty~ The trail I picked ran along mountain ridges and the rolling hills was challenging but not impossible elevation. I had to walk some of it but overall, it was gorgeous to zip zap through valleys, tops, and bridges!

IMG_5619 IMG_5620 IMG_5625


You know you’re runner when… 

3) 80% of the packed luggage is runner’s clothing when going away on summer vacation. 

This was funny as I packed for our Tahoe trip last night. I realized the first things I packed was my baseball cap, hydration belt, and arm bend. Rest of the bag contained 2-3 outfits of different running clothing. I then packed my running shoes AND hiking shoes as if one pair wasn’t enough! Two years ago, I would be matching high heels to the color of my top. What a change! My husband looked at me and asked “you’re going to run THAT much”? I said “don’t know but you can’t never be over prepared for running!” 




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