Helleyer 10K with Brazen Racing

With my ankle injury and subsequently my knee issue, I’ve taken a break from running since October 2014. I miss running! Of course, I have ran few times after the pain has decreased, but overall, I have not done any running or training. In an effort to stay relatively active, I have joined a climbing gym and practiced yoga.

People say you don’t know what you have until you miss it, well, that’s absolutely true with running. I’m itching to go back and just resume simple 30 minutes of running. I don’t need any fancy tempo or speed work. Just running.

The break also helps me to realize that I miss running for running itself. I used to think that I ran because it helped me to stay fit (read: weight management) Part of that is still true. However, I miss running the most for the simple joy of being carefree and the mental freedoms that it comes!

In an effort to get back to the bliss, I registered for the Brazen’s Helleyer 10K. It will get me on track with running. Oh I’m so excited to get started with running and training!!



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