The Pain of NOT Training a.k.a Running 10K Hellyer with Brazen

Last Saturday, I ran Brazen’s Hellyer 10K with my brother-in-law, who raced in the half marathon’s category. Summary: my brother-in-law set his personal record of 1hr25mins for the half while I finished my 10K in almost the same amount of time. Yup, I was not trained and I paid for every mile and some.

FullSizeRender copy

I started at a new company in February that took majority of my focus, therefore, training suffered. I went into the race having ran ZERO miles that week (mistake #1) and having the task of preparing my husband’s surprise birthday party that would happen later post race (mistake #2, but really fun though!) I was undertrained in every part of my body, which resulted in hurting everywhere, except my hair and my fingernails! I actually felt worst than when I ran my first half marathon almost a year ago. I did not think that was possible.

I went into the race with a 7min run/1min walk plan — well, that worked for the first half. Then by mile 4, I was feeling pain in my right knee. By mile 5, I was just walking for most part. By mile 5.5, I said “F—it, the knee wasn’t getting better, so let me get off this pavement ASAP so I ran” I really was happy to have crossed the finish line!

My biggest problem was the lack of core muscle. Nothing held together – therefore my form suffered. It then just crumbled from there… Luckily, the surprise birthday part was later same day. Tequila shots and nice chardonnay helped with the pain. Seeing friends and having a wonderful time certainly helped!


Lesson learned: TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN! The 10K helped me realize how my winter hiatus has hurt my fitness. It is time to get back in shape through better eating, consistent workout, and stronger mindset. I’m contemplating to register for Double Dipsea. That is a heck of a race… and one that DEFINITELY requires training. Going into that without proper training is like a punishment!



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