My Very First Cooking Class at Savory Kitchen, San Jose, CA

Last night, I attended my very first cooking class at Savory Kitchen. I had a very good time learning about cooking and enjoying the company of new friends who shared similar interest! Savory Kitchen is located near San Jose downtown, which is a major plus, as it is close by. I don’t have to drive too far.

When I first entered the Kitchen, I immediately noticed the beautiful table set up and was greeted by a staff member. She immediately offered drinks. I passed because I was really hungry. Drinking on an empty stomach while handling cooking/cutting would not be a smart idea! Next thing I noticed was the food/ingredients set up on separate stations. Overall, I sensed a good vibe and had a good first impression.


Chef Chad and Aimee started the class about 15 minutes into the session, after everyone was settled with drinks and checked in. The entire class had twenty people, mostly consisted of couples on date night/celebration or group of friends. It was a good mix of people there. Chad and Aimee explained the process/recipe of each dish and asked us to pick whatever station we chose to work. The menu was one of the reasons I signed up for the class. How do I resist this?


I was closest to the duck abondigas, so I stayed there and began working on the dish. I was surprised that there was no “recipe” posted. Chad and Aimee basically floated between the four stations and guided us “free style”. It was a very casual environment. I had envisioned a “formal” class with the teachers in the front ‘lecturing’ with the students following. Frankly, I liked the freestyle better as we would get to chat and know fellow learning chefs.


When the food was cooking and all the fragrance started to permeate the room, I was getting really hungry! Because of the menu, I came prepared, aka, hungry! But I didn’t realize how long it would take to cook four dishes for 20 people! It took us about 90 minutes to really finish and started with the duck meatball, the appetizer. It was about 8:30pm when we started with the duck. It was worth the wait, everything was perfect, especially accentuated by the wine pairing! The plating was gorgeous, which I learned was really important to make ‘gourmet’ food. The presentation instantly elevated the appetite, not that I needed it, but it was just gorgeous to look at!




The best part of the experience was really sitting down with fellow learning chefs. Even though people came with friends/family/spouse, everyone was really engaging with each other, asking questions, sharing experiences, and just providing a very memorable dining experience that you would not find at a typical restaurant. Everyone came from different walks of life but shared some level of interest with cooking. Some were passionate; some were novice, but all were very wonderful to enjoy a delicious four-course meal with. The party ended around 10pm with the perfectly made chocolate cake! The caramel was to die-for!!

I would love to come back for another class or even celebrate a birthday with friends!



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