Time Machine: One, Two Steps back to College Days

This week, I discovered ‘Groov3‘ at a local dance studio. Ever since I’m dialing back from running training, I’m itching to go back to dancing. It’s actually one of those activities that I love! I just haven’t really found a place/style I am excited about.

My friend and I checked out K-Pop at the dance studio. It was my first visit to this dance studio as well as first time attempting K-Pop (Korean Pop). The studio was fine, however, I did not ‘feel’ K-pop. It was possibly because of the choreograph that focused heavily on team formation. Another reason was I learned that the teacher was literally re-creating moves from the MV. There was nothing wrong with modeling after what I’d imagine very awesome dancers/choreography, but I was just more excited with original choreography. Plus, it was a turn off for me when the teacher kept going back to the video to recreate it. It killed the rhythm. To dance well, just like everything else, practice makes it perfect. You just keep going/practicing. The stop and go was distracting.

Luckily, I went back to dancing with the intent to try styles of dance that I have not done (which was why I tried K-pop). I then discovered ‘Groov3’ this week! It instantly brought me back to college days when I took a year of hip hop with Jossie. For one, the DJ was spinning music that reminded me of the 90s hip hop (yes, LIVE DJ!!) Second, it was the EXACT feeling I was searching – high intensity, higher energy, fun, and somewhat easy choreography to learn but welcomes individualization of the moves.

According to the website, Groov3 is targeted toward people who may have danced in the past and are looking to get back into it. It also serves the ‘beginner’ level too. I would agree with both although a beginner may feel out of place the very first time. The friendly, energetic crowd and teacher totally makes up for it. As long as you’re down to having fun and not caring you’re a beat or two behind, you will grow into it. I was definitely off beat the first class.

What makes Groov3 slightly different from Zumba or UJam is that you learn a set of choreography with DJ playing LIVE songs (to the same beat/count). Part of the ‘experience’ with dancing hip hop from back in the days was learning choreography and putting it together. Zumba focuses on latin moves and it just does basic moves with different songs. UJam is also hip hop but does not emphasize on choreography. I have done and enjoyed Zumba and UJam, but I definitely LOVE Groov3’s party atmosphere so much more!

I’m excited to return next week for the Halloween special dancing/choreo to Michael’s Jackson’s ‘Thriller’! Next on the list is also to try ‘House’ dancing style.


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