On the Eve of my Birthday…

Turning 33 is accepting, accepting that there are things that are beautiful in life when I take moments to appreciate them and that there are things that are just outside of my control. As I “age”, hopefully, like a fine wine, I’m still working on the latter. Over the years, I’m getting better, slowly but surely in realizing that control is simply an illusion. I’m also accepting that I will always have that part of me to cherish, borderline need to control.


On this eve, I’m particularly feeling beautiful both inside and out. There are many times that people say “it’s important to be beautiful inside as the outside will eventually change” The so-called age gracefully. Ah, always perfect as a quote but never something I dwell on. Feeling beautiful isn’t just about the appearance, but an attitude to cherish everything and everyone that comes in my life.

For example, lately, I’m feeling really in touched with ‘youth’ again with going back to hip hop dancing through this class, Groov3. It reminds me of the college days and more importantly, feeling beautiful with each beat of the music and every move of the choreograph. Dance like no one is watching and dance with each heartbeat and not caring if my techniques are there. It’s teaching me to let go of what is supposed to be right and keep what feels right!


For the upcoming year, I want to continue to grow. I want to conquer things that I may find fearful. One of the biggest things I have overcame this year is fear of water by surfing in open ocean in Cabos . I cannot say that the fear is completely gone, however, I can live with that trepidation of water while enjoying some part of it. That’s one step closer.


There are other things on my list to conquer and for the sake of not jinxing it, I will keep this list private. The concept is the same – the desire to live with as little fear as possible and living life as fully as possible. “Go after it” will be my motto for 2016!


In less than 10 hours, I will turn 33. Go after it like no one is watching, especially when I go for that second slice of birthday cake!









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