Screw it, I’m running!

This past Sunday, San Jose was absolutely gorgeous, with close to 75F sunny weather. My husband and I went to my favorite trail to enjoy the day. It was amazing looking at the changing colors in a very comfortable temperature.


Before I knew it, seeing all the runners passing by. I was itching to join them! I said, “screw my silly ankle” and let’s just try out a test run! I was very careful. I set out the limit of 30 minutes and I’d do a super easy interval running of 90 seconds run and 30 seconds walk. Oh it was so freeing to hit the pavement again! I thought I’d be out of breathe badly as I stopped running for almost 2 months (thanks to my bummed ankle). No. The joy of just running took over. Serotonin and endorphins, baby!

I felt I could run another 30 minutes. But I stuck to the plan, as I was supposed to be on recovery. It was good I stayed with the plan. Later that night, I felt the knee tightening but no pain. (Phew!) Can you blame me for wanting to run in this setting?




I did not know what this meant regarding my plan to supposedly take rest of the year off. All I knew was it felt soooo goooood to run again!!



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